Opening Keynote: How Will You Answer the Board's Question - 'Are We Cyber Safe Yet"? Instead of “It Depends” - Show Them Your Risk Based Cybersecurity Strategy

Life is all about risk management; enabling the success factors for any desired outcome. For example, some say a large part of the most effective road to happiness is to shed all negativity, as at best you return to neutral. Better to put resources into the positive life aspects; thus more likely to enhance the happiness objective. Well, it’s the same thing with company success – shed negativity (minimize risk) and enhance the positive aspects of the organization’s success factors (concentrate resources therein). This is the essence of a risk based success strategy, find the right balance to employ resources to minimize the major risk factors while in parallel enhancing capabilities that further the key business objectives.  Within the security community, we use that methodology in our risk based security strategy (RBSS) where our limited resources (time, materials, products and services) are applied in a prioritized manner based on the optimized, best risk value.